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Many people base their decision on trying somewhere new on word of mouth and reviews online. Your opinion matters to me and to other potential guests. Below are a few links to places we know some of you may like to read or leave a review.

“Lauren has been cutting my hair for over a year now, and I won't let anyone else touch it.  Her knowledge of hair is so vast, that she can recommend - and recommend against - whatever is best for my particular needs.  She's also the kind of stylist who is simply a joy to visit; spending time in her chair is like hanging out with a good friend... and then you walk away looking amazing.  I drive an hour to go get my hair cut by her, passing by (I estimate) thousands of stylists on my way - and it's totally worth it.  Thank you Lauren!"

Heidi T. from Seattle, WA

Lauren does a great job with hair. I keep a very low maintenance cut and she got that. Immediately when I told her that, she found where my part fell, where my hair flowed and took an understanding in the basic shape it held. From there she created a great style that works with my lifestyle and is super maintainable. The second time I went in she even took a moment to gage how fast my hair grew out to help create a good length that would last between cuts. Will definitely be back.

Lauren G.

Lauren is great and she is fantastic with hair. She creates a cut with your unique hair and lifestyle in mind. Plus, she's fun and makes the time in the chair fly by! I love my haircuts from Lauren (and not just when I am leaving the salon).

Melissa S.


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